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I am officially de-tiered

Also, as of January 2011 I will officially downgrade from an SL Premium member to a basic account.

Thank you to my friends for taking over the land for me; I hope it makes you happy. I enjoyed my time there, but it's just become too expensive and too much of a hassle.

I crashed at least 3 times and had to do a few viewer changes just to get through my time over on Second Life today. Things were stuttering and freezing. Either they have downgraded the mainland hardware, or they have optimized SO much for V2 that it's making it difficult for us who wish to avoid that interface. That's another reason why I don't want to own anything major there; they are doing their best to force-feed Viewer 2.x down our throats.

Hippo used to work fine; now I come up with some unrendered avatars, no matter what I do. Imprudence used to work fine; now I get a lot of stuttering, freezing, and crashing, even when using their latest stable release. I went back to good old SL 1.23 for awhile and that was stable but the lack of features irritates me. I finally switched to Phoenix which offered me a degree of stability.

I created flashing lightning for the dance floor at the factory, because we had our big Halloween bash tonight. When I created the lightning on Inworldz, I had to stick llSleeps in it to slow down the flashes or they were instantaneous. When I ported the texture change script to SL, I had to take the llSleeps out - and even without them, the texture changing was slow for my tastes. Right now, I couldn't create a credible lightning flash there to save my life, because the service is running so slow I can't get it to flash fast enough. It was ok for the dance, but it wouldn't be ok for anything else.

Willy said to me "I'm sorry that SL was such a big waste of time for you." It isn't that it's been a waste of time, it's that it's gotten bad in more than one area and it's turned itself into something I no longer wish to invest in. How could it be a waste of time? It's the first virtual world I knew. It's the virtual world where I met Willy, and Nikitta, Doris, j3rry, Crystal, and my other good friends. It's where I first learned how to build, and learned how to script.

Just in the past year things have degraded to the point where no one can deny it anymore. The service itself is running very slow and glitchy. Customer Service has not gotten better, despite all their promises. They are offering less service for the same amount of money, then wondering why people like me go to another grid to invest...or maybe they're not wondering, at all. Maybe that's the way they want it, especially if they're going to switch to the "portable app" market and help some of the "big name" application providers market to Facebook.

After all, they think glitchy bunnies, provided by a service which has a bad record of customer service, are the greatest thing since sliced bread, so much so that they endorsed them by spamming all our mailboxes. They think vampires are just dandy, just look at how they feature them prominently on their sites. They are picking and choosing certain genres, and it's stuff that could conceivably be ported out to sites like Facebook.

I guess they decided that a virtual world, in and of itself, was a losing proposition, and that's really too bad. They'd still be top in their market and they'd still be making gazillions of dollars if they'd just changed a few common-sense things. Bully for them, I guess.
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