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PTSD and Linden Labs

I just got a brand-new sim with Elf Clan and I'm going to have a lot of fun building it. I've already started a grand castle with the main hall already in place, flying buttresses and all.

During the procedure of getting this sim - and during a few other things that have occurred - it dawned on me why some people seem to be reticent about a lot of things, especially anything to do with someone else controling your sim.

We all suffer from Linden Lab Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The vast majority of us have come from Second Life, where customer abuse and neglect, combined with high prices and the constant struggle to make ends meet, are routine. This situation has very much triggered our fight-or-flight mechanism to the point of being chronic. The ONLY things that kept most of us in that world were our friends and our creations.

Now we have an alternative, Inworldz, and many of us have migrated. Yet I see people that are reluctant or unwilling to trust, whose main focus is a business, etc., etc. - all the stuff we had to do on SL to survive and stay with our friends and creations.

I have also seen people blow a gasket if they have a major issue and one of the Founders doesn't get to it like yesterday. That is a direct result of the lack of customer support we faced on SL and some have gone so far as to say so.

All of these things can be summed up as LL-related PTSD. The constant fight to survive. The worries The tiers that were getting harder and harder to meet as our sales continued to dive. Filing tickets and not hearing back for months. Calling Concierge, only to be told to file a ticket that doesn't get addressed for months. Not having time for artistic endeavors because of the constant need to supplment income to be able to afford the land.

Now we're in an environment with very supportive staff, a welcoming, supportive community, and costs that give us the room to be purely creative and artistic, rather than constantly struggling to make ends meet.

And still I see people behaving as though they are on Second Life.

It's PTSD, and in my opinion, it'll just take time for all of us to relax enough to truly enjoy what we have. Consistency is the key, both from the Founders, and from the Community itself.

Take it from someone who has RL abandonment-related PTSD: The causes and signs are classic.
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