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My friend Whiskey Day from Inworldz put down a blogging challenge: Blog about what you find best in Inworldz.

The first word that came to mind was FREEDOM and I capitalize it because it's so important to me.

Things got so hard to do in Second Life. Restrictions on building. Restrictions on prims. High prices for land, most of which I paid out of pocket with little compensation. A hard, long road to climb to sell anything at all in the economy, when other people had the money to use the system to stay ahead of me.

It stopped being fun, and became very restricting.

Zauber Paracelsus, my best dragon friend in the world, came to me one day last March and said "come check out this new world." Always curious, off I went to the site he gave me, and created my very first Inworldz avatar, using the name that I would've liked to have on SL: Marie Wonka. After all, Marie IS married to Willy :)

I remember the first welcome area and how nice it was considering the youth of the grid. I remember that there were 132 people registered, including myself. I remember that there weren't a whole lot of places to go yet and Scostgraymouser Janus was kind enough to let me build a platform above her sim, Isle of Alchemy, so I could toy around with stuff.

I also got Willy over, at least to create his avatar. We were both fortunate enough to talk to Elenia, Legion, and a few others as well.

Then things got really busy in SL and I was gone for awhile...but not for very long.

By the time I came back, the welcome area had been updated to what everyone is familiar with, today. What was even more amazing is how further advanced the grid/sim code had become! You could do so many more things and things were so much more reliable. I was amazed, just like I was amazed at what I could build!

No build limits! First sign of freedom. Prims from 0.001 to 256 (some have gotten them bigger but they cause problems beyond that point). And so many prims! If this wasn't Paradise, I didn't know what it was!

I also helped break things scriptwise but that was ok because I worked with Tranquillity Dexler, finding out what the script engine would and would not put up with. I also 'learned' the script engine, and came to learn a lot of information on how things worked that I never would've learned on SL. You see, for one thing, SL's script engine covers up a lot of faults, and anticipates sloppy coding. Inworldz's doesn't do that. Inside of months I became a very tight coder on both grids.

The people who were attracted to Inworldz gave it a down-home feeling I just couldn't get in (what I began to think of as) the wastelands of Second Life. Yes, I had Willy and our mutual friend, Nikitta. There were Crystal and Doris. But they were just a microcosm. In Inworldz, I began getting to know TONS of folks who wanted the same thing I did: The freedom to create and the means to do it.

Some time has passed, and I went from owning one, to now three, sims. I've been seriously considering this challenge and I didn't want to just say something that everyone else was saying. The topic of "freedom" came to me, as I was building on Celtic Dreams, and getting frustrated at "alpha clash" between some window textures I was using, and other textures.

Then it dawned on me: Build the windows from scratch. This sim has 45000 prims and I've barely dented them. So WHAT if the windows turned out to be a gazillion prims apiece? I could AFFORD to "spend" them! Using one sculpt arch and the rest regular prims, I soon had some pretty kickass windows. Yes they're hella primmy but even with these windows, I've used maybe 11% of my total available prims.

YES. Build that window with detail. YES. Make that detailed sculpture out of all kinds of prims. YES, you can do it and it won't hurt anything!!!

This FREEDOM has done nothing but made me think in new directions and plan new things. Just the other day, Willy remarked that the castle I'm building on Celtic Dreams is nothing whatsoever like the ones I built on SL. Of course not! I don't have to conserve prims. I don't have to use alpha textures OR sculpts for windows and other bric-a-brac if I don't want to. I can build it all by hand, and all from scratch!

The possibilities are literally ENDLESS and my mind runs wild every day I log in!

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