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Whiskey's Challenge #2: What I do in Inworldz

This may turn out to be a multi-post response in the end but I gotta start somewhere :)

I am, and always have been, a builder. I am trying to defeat my tendency to isolate by dropping by for Rowland Larkham's Morning Coffee Klatch. The above photo (click for bigger) shows a shot of his newly-minted Sunset Hill Tavern.

Often, when I'm sitting in a place like this, I'm not only having conversations with the folks around me, but I'm also in IMs helping people. I am a member of the Inworldz Mentors and I do what I can to help others, no matter where I am.

I also shop...and what I'm wearing in that picture is a gown from Simply Fae, hair from EMO-tions, and shoes from Deviant Designs. Also my skin is from Deviant. The fangs - or canines, in this case, because I'm a cat - are one of the products I sell myself.

I build things to sell, I also build things for the fun of it. Here is a picture of something I built but eventually took down, at least till the script engine is rebuilt (which will be soon):

It's hard to tell, but there are a lot - and I mean, a LOT - of colored bubbles floating around. There are textures moving in a very slow, calming way as well. It makes for great meditation and I hope to put it up again, soon. Click the pic for larger.

This is a long shot of two of my three sims, Fantasia (the very first) and Isle of Anu. Fantasia is my home, and it is also the home of my good friend Ferrator Montoya. My store is there, I have low-cost apartments there, and the Fantasian Markets are there. There's also a gigantic "Mushie Garden" and a very nice Romantic area.

This is a long-distance shot of my latest project, my Elf Clan sim, Celtic Dreams. Off to the left on the snowy mountain is a very excellent winter scene crafted by Dark Langdon. Many of the bright flowers, and trees are courtesy of soror Nishi. I love her work! The layout, shops, and castle are entirely my work. I am hoping to turn this into a bustling roleplay area.

I hope this gives you an idea of what I'm up to in Inworldz. Thanks for reading.

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