Tired of the Bullshit

You know...

I've been reading these stories about the anti-lockdown protests, and the latest I read had to do with a local congresswoman in Michigan having to be escorted to her office with armed guards, because we had a bunch of racist caucasion folk protesting with their damned rifles right in the legislature.  I also read where some of these whack jobs have been making threats against health care workers, especially those who come out to counter protest and urge everyone to stay at home.

WTF is wrong with you people, are you totally crazy or are you so deluded by our buffoon-in-chief that you think this is all cool?

I understand some wanting to go back to work because their jobs weren't judged essential and so they were home not getting any pay, and of COURSE the federal govmint isn't going to help them, after all they are below the radar and all...

...but what about the rest of you selfish bastids who are only thinking of yourself and what you CAN'T do right now?

It's because of you and your kind that I have to stay at home in order to avoid exposure to covid-19.

It's because of you and your kind that my fiance has to go out with a mask and gloves so he doesn't get exposed, he has diabetes, but it's more of a threat to MY life so he goes out and gets our food...

It's because of you people that are not using your brains, your head is no more useful than a hat rack, that make it so hard, and cause the spread of this pandemic to keep on keeping on.

I miss not going out.  I really do.  I don't get out much to begin with because of my fragile health, and now I don't dare go out at all, or I might be exposed.

Just last night we were lamenting that we can't go out and get fast food, though the place is open, because we might be exposed.

You see, I can't even make use of the businesses that are open because they might pass on the covid-19.

I can't get married because they had to shut the courthouses down and I'm not Xtian so I can't go to a church.

I had to order new glasses online because my current ones were cheap and cracked and they're not even here yet.

I have to wait to get my teeth fixed, although I've saved up for it, because dentists are closed.  In the meantime I am in constant risk of a new tooth infection.

My fiance can't get a rotten tooth pulled for the same reason.

So I do NOT WANT TO HEAR about what you are missing, you healthy numbnuts, just because you can't go to the corner bar or bowl or watch a movie in the theater.



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