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Being Thankful

Right now, I am thankful I can write this.

This morning, when I brought up Imprudence to go into Inworldz, all hades broke loose. Blinking, lines, a box telling my my NVIDIA OpenGL had failed....the only way I could get out of it was to force my machine to turn off.

You got it. Video card decided it was the day to die. Why does it always seem to happen on a holiday or other time you can't do anything about it?

Well, I'm on my little laptop, which is over 5 years old. It won't handle something like Imprudence bringing me inworld (oh, I was there for a couple minutes, with a solid red indicator for client side lag...LOL). I just spent the last hour or so installing the latest .NET framework so maybe I can get in with a text-only viewer to chat a little.

I am also thankful for a very special person, and they know who they are. They are my virtual world partner, and I couldn't ask for a better person. They are also very special to me beyond virtual worlds. They are especially special right now, because they put forth the funds so I could order a new video card through Best Buy, and pick it up tomorrow. Tons of love and smooches to Willy's player. I don't know what I would do without you.

I am thankful for my roommate Michael, who is more than a roommate, but not quite a lover. We live very happily in the same house, though we have our own bedrooms. We're more than brother and sister but not quite lovers. He's my local family. I love him a lot and I don't know what I'd do without him.

I am thankful for all the long-distance friends I have, most of which reside in blogs and in virtual worlds. There's Nikitta on Second Life. There's Ele, and Southie, and Ayla, and Tranq, Jim, Rowland, and so many others on Inworldz. Some of us have shared some really important moments and I consider you all to be family.

This laptop keyboard sucks, so I am going to wrap this up with HUGS, SMOOCHES, LOVE AND THANK-YOUS to all of you!
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