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One thing we're facing on Inworldz with free classifieds is people who post every keyword they can think of and/or keywords for things they are not selling right now.

We also have the problem that the list will show only one page of classifieds.

Please folks, I beg of you - don't abuse keywords in Classifieds. This isn't SL; there is plenty of room for everyone.

I get very tired when I go shopping for something specific and I go to a store that has the item in their keywords only to find it isn't there at all or there's a big "coming soon" sign that's been there for weeks - and that's no exaggeration, I've seen it.

I love to explore, but NOT when I'm on a hunt for something specific!

Please PLEASE list ONLY what you are currently selling! You can update the ad later if you add something new. Also PLEASE be specific in your keywords. There are a lot of "sexy" things but when I'm on a shop hunt, I don't want to see it all!
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