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My life is never normal.

As some of you know, my video card died on Thanksgiving.

I had real fun getting the new video card.

I ordered it through Best Buy's site Thanksgiving evening. The next day, I called to find out if it was available for pickup and they said they weren't picking "" orders until 11. Since I had a little money left over, I decided to order a keyboard as well, since the one I had was over 6 years old and most of the letters were worn off the keys (good thing I know how to touch type).

Time went on, and both items were still pending, so I called again. The orders weren't going to be picked until 2PM. I'm a patient sort, and I knew they were having all KINDS of fun with it being Black Friday, so I waited.

The keyboard eventually showed up ready, but the video card didn't, warranting yet another call at 3:30. The gal at the store said it showed "page pending" on her end, so I'd have to call corporate and ask them to push it through.

I called corporate, and they said it was showing "page pending" on their end. I told them what the lady at the store told me, that the holdup was on their end, and they were the ones who had to send it through. After some more talking, and a few more holds, the very nice gentleman said he'd re-do the order and send it through.

Well, come 6ish, and the page on the site still said pending. I woke Michael up so he could have waking up time before we headed out. We went out around 7ish.

We got there, and neither item was showing up in the area where they put picked orders, so the gal sent another guy into the store to grab both. He came back, and the processing of the keyboard went fine.

The video card was still showing "page pending". *headdesk*

The store gal got on the phone with corporate and they cancelled and reissued the order and it still wouldn't gol through correctly. My back was killing me from standing there, so I took a seat while the store gal talked to corporate on the phone. After a considerable time, and lots of trying, we decided to cancel the order and I would just pay for it in the store. For my trouble, they knocked an additional $20 off the price.

After over an hour, we headed home with my new stuff.
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