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What Makes Inworldz Special to Me

I have been spending a great deal of time in thought today and if you follow my blogs, you'll see some of what I've thought about.

Another subject that came to mind is why I favor Inworldz over Second Life, and why Inworldz won't be the ideal grid for some people, no matter what size it is.

I could sum it up in one word but that would make this a very boring post. The one word is: Community.

The community here is very unique. There are a large number of disabled people, artists, and free thinkers. There are many of all walks of faith, creed, sexual orientation, and anything else you might wish to define. The median age tends to be older than SL.

Now you might say that SL has all of that, too. The one thing SL doesn't have, is a sense of acceptance, for everyone, no matter who or what you are. Our Founders have a zero tolerance for harassment and the rare times it has occurred it has been dealt with swiftly. You don't have to keep ARing someone; one email to support with logs and it's taken care of, usually within 24 hours.

There is an overwhelming sense of acceptance, of bonding with your fellow Inworldz resident, a sense of generosity that I have not witnessed on Second Life in the nearly three years I've been there.

It doesn't take long for you to realize that the Founders care very much about the residents. Not only do they deal with critical problems swiftly, they "come down to our level" and, when they get time, they come dance with us, explore with us, or just talk to us. They will continue to do this, no matter how big or famous Inworldz gets. The Lindens stopped rubbing shoulders with the masses long before I even signed up, and they certainly don't seem to care if you have a critical problem, even if you're a paid member that owns land - even if you own whole sims. No matter who you are, you wait weeks to get a problem resolved. That doesn't happen on Inworldz and they have a far smaller staff!

You see an uncommon level of prejudice on SL that you don't find on Inworldz. On SL, groups like furries, tinies, and other "not human" avatars tend to be marginalized and risk ridicule if they venture beyond their own communities. Thinking of this reminds me of something I said in an earlier post, how intolerance is not as tolerated in virtual SL, intolerance is alive and well, and dare I say encouraged by the way Linden Lab treats everyone. There is a demonstrable lack of respect or consideration for the people that make SL what it is - and within the SL user community, there is great fractioning. Everyone has the tendency to form small, close-knit communities and don't interact with others. Many communities are exclusive to specific avatar races or shapes. It's definitely become a microcosm of 2010 U.S.A. Gee, I thought a lot of people engaged in SL to escape from all of that? Well, that goes with something else I also said in the other post: You bring all of yourself in here. Your good points, your bad points, your foibles, your baggage, your wisdom or lack of.

I think a kinder, gentler crowd has made Inworldz its home. I feel free to engage in my creativity, no matter what direction it might take me. I can build. I can wear different avatars, skins, whatever, and everyone accepts me just fine. I still feel I am shedding some of that "sl attitude" I've spoken so much about, but things just keep getting better.
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