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A little real-life introspection :)

I didn't spend much time this Autumn doing what I have done every fact the last few Autumns haven't been spent engaging in what I call my annual "trip down memory lane". I usually spend Autumn time recalling memories of both good and bad. I know a part of it involves the weather patterns around here, which are largely still summer when the rest of the country is going into fall patterns. Throws me off.

In this time I have now, I've found myself doing that, as well as getting back in touch with the environment around my house and area. One might say we're having Fall now, when everyone else is having Winter, anyway. My friend Whiskey told me it was 19F where she was, while it was 61F, here.

Tonight I'm listening to Jim Tarber's 24/7 Rock Party on his Internet feed. Jim is a bona fide professional DJ who has both online and offline gigs to his credit. I love his shows.

Tonight, it's reminding me of my heydays as an Online Radio Personality. How many of you reading this can recall Mother Earth in the mornings on 9412? That was me, for over 2 1/2 years. Classic Rock all the way, bay-bey.

I enjoyed that time. I enjoyed DJing but after running one of the most popular morning shows on the Internet for that long, I became naturally burnt out.

One of my greatest achievements of my online DJ career was being broadcast in the press room of the Winter Olympics. My swiss-cheese memory refuses to cough up the year, I'm sorry. We had a Swedish friend who was quite fond of my show, and had "connections". 9412 entertained the Olympics Press Room all day long that day, starting with my show.

I was heard in offices, in businesses, on cell phones, and in homes. My music and love for it reached far and wide, even to areas across the oceans. When I stop and think of how many scores of lives I touched, I find it utterly amazing. I guess some distance perspective really brings it all into focus. Thousands of people listened to me for 4 hours every morning, all over the world. We'd max out our streams and they'd stay maxed out well into the next show.

Jim, you just keep on supplying us with your fantastic music. I can appreciate the work that goes into it, just like I can appreciate what it is to touch so many lives with a love for music. I hope you never give up.
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