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Whiskey's Challenge

The challenge for this week is twofold: Advice for new Inworldz bloggers, and one of the first pics you took in Inworldz. Let me start with the former.

First of all, remember that your blog is your space. You can write anything you want in it.

Second, other people are going to read your blog, so don't post personal information or things you might regret later.

Third, never EVER let anyone try to tell you what to write, or what to write about! If they don't like what they read, they are free to navigate away - and you're free to tell them so.

Never be afraid to ignore trolls or delete their comments, if you feel that they serve no other purpose than to try to hurt you. It's entirely your choice, what comments stay and what don't.


Hmmm, picture. Lemme see what I can find. Ahhh, here we are, the oldest photo in my inventory's Photo Album. A very "new" Marie:

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