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Midnight Meanderings

The mysteries of Nature always held sway for Marie, especially at night. This sultry evening found her deep within the forest, hominid, meditating to the sounds of the cricket and the night-hawk.

A slight sound disturbed her, and she opened her eyes to behold an Elven being standing on the edge of the clearing. Without a word, he crossed the few feet toward her, and crouched down. They studied each other's eyes for a short while, and then he did something most unexpected - he tilted his head toward her, offering one ear-tip. Curious, she nibbled it, and was rewarded with a soft exclamation of delight. Soon enough, she was offered the other, and sighing with pleasure, she gave it just as thorough attention.

Without conscious thought, the two figures began to change in the darkness, soft hominid skin giving way to dark, sleek fur, whiskers on cheeks, soft ears. Their sighs resolved into soft purring, as they continued this dance, cleaning whiskers, rubbing cheeks.

His hand was still hominid, albeit covered in downy fur. He stopped, gazed deeply into her eyes, and gently grabbed her by the scruff.

It was all over. Her body finished its transformation into the beautiful, sleek black leopard of her true nature. Rise of pheromones embraced them both, and any trace of humanity was wiped from the scene. They continued their feline courtship, passions rising and taking over, till their growls and panther screams echoed from the trees around them, silencing the crickets, driving away the night birds in a flurry.

Afterward, they lay side by side, affectionately cleaning each other, before folding into each other, and falling asleep. Their breath deepened, and with the quiet, their forms changed back: One Elven, the other Fae Cat.

Slowly the birds crept back and began their quiet night songs, and once again, the crickets counted the time.

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