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More on the psychology of virtual worlds

There is little doubt that participating in a virtual world is both psychological and cerebral, and yet I am constantly amazed by the discoveries I make, and the latest is no exception.

Now...I'm sure you've all been there. You break up with someone, and after awhile, you start putting away all the pictures and mementos...and you look at those pictures, and see a different person than you saw when you were involved with them.

I have found this to be poignantly true if you look at pictures of an ex from a virtual world - especially if you were unfortunate enough to find out that they aren't as nice a person as you thought they were. Maybe you did something in complete innocence, and they tripped out. Maybe they just suddenly flipped out for no reason. Whatever the situation was, their virtual-world pictures start to look foreign to you. Some may project cold and callousness. Yet others may project superficiality and emptiness.

You look at them, and wonder what they changed, and then you realize with a start, that they didn't change a thing. Your perception of them has changed.

I believe our personalities are projected very strongly through our avatars, and if something happens to "crack the mirror", it's not just one person who will notice the change, but many others. If you don't project yourself as you really are, the "cracks" let the darkness through, and soon enough, your entire projection is colored with it.

If you are bigoted, it will seep through. If you are racist, it will seep through. If you have profound personal problems which compel you to mistreat others, it will seep through. We hide so much behind our flesh bodies, but in virtual worlds, the flesh is stripped away, leaving your mind, heart, and soul.

How many of you have had an experience like this? How did you feel about it? Do you find it more striking than, say, looking at concrete world pictures?
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