Phantasies and Alternate Dimensions (feline_phantasy) wrote,
Phantasies and Alternate Dimensions

Inworldz - many advantages!

Here is a recap of the highlights of what is making Inworldz one of the top fastest-growing OS grids:

  1. Up to 45,000 prims per sim. With no lag.
  2. Most scripts work just fine with a little tweaking and as long as they don't involve physics (this will change after the first of the year).
  3. No limit on prim size. You can go from 0.001M up to 256M (128M on certain viewers).
  4. No distance limit on prim linking.
  5. The ability to export and back up your creations, without restriction.
  6. Up to 50 avatars, regardless of what they're wearing or doing, on a sim, without any lag.
  7. An incredibly vibrant, warm, helpful and generous community.
  8. Many of your favorite businesses with satellite stores.
  9. Incredibly cheap.

    1. $60USD/month for a mainland sim, $60 setup fee.
    2. $75/mo and $75 setup fee for a private island.
    3. Uploads, classifieds, group creation, all free.
    4. Membership is free.

  10. A thriving economy with the ability to both buy AND cash out currency. 500Iz to every US dollar.
  11. Someone to greet you when you first come inworld, and well-stocked freebie stores, thanks to our merchants.
  12. Grid Founders you can actually talk to, that will do their best to help you. They'll even socialize with you!
  13. Extreme importance placed on IP rights and the ability to DMCA if necessary.

Inworldzers, did I miss anything? Feel free to add in comments.

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