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Sweet, sweet possession

To say Marie was Thralled would be an understatement.

Marie was totally fascinated and enraptured with Lecktor. He as a very old soul; it showed in his mannerisms, his tastes. A nice compliment was how his tailored Victorian clothing outlined his well-proportioned body. Marie always did have an eye for a well-dressed man.

The day of their Joining, he romanced her, wined and dined her. Though he failed to partake, Marie thoroughly enjoyed the many delicacies he obtained for her, eating heartily as any cat would. They danced later to a singer with a voice smooth as butter; their first kiss was beyond sweet.

Later, when he took her home, the lovemaking was perfection; their bodies moved together as though made for each other. When he sunk his fangs into her at the height of her ecstasy, she hardly noticed. She felt slightly faint afterwards, but attributed it to all the excitement and good food. Before they drifted off, he slipped a very ancient, espelled garnet onto her naked ring finger, covering up the slight tan line left by a long-discarded wedding band. Lecktor wanted to keep this one.

Marie slept a deep, contented sleep, disturbed only by vague shadows of demons which were soon chased away. The garnet worked its power over her, sealing her fate quite without her knowledge; however, later on, if asked, she would've said she wanted it, all along.

Note: See here for the meaning of Garnet.
Tags: inworldz, stories

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