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Spending Time With My Son

I managed to make it to the other land tonight and was fortunate enough to spend some time with Charlie :)

(Click all pics for bigger)

Charlie had decided he wanted a kitten, so we went shopping for one at the local pet store.

He decided he wanted a male kitty, so that's what we got, along with some stuff like a scratching post and dishes of cream, to keep the little guy happy.

Later on we went up to his house and it was time for the kitty to be born!

And here he is - an adorable little ginger cat!

The little guy was very curious, and wandered around while Charlie thought up a name for him. Charlie decided to name the little guy Rupert, so here is Rupert with Charlie :)

All too soon, it's time for me to leave. Always a sad time...but I will be back. We'll see how much Rupert has grown!

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