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It is later at night, and where I am VR-wise, it's quiet and peaceful. Slow Radio plays on my Winamp, soothing me.

Sometimes I feel like the entire world wants a piece of me. Earlier this evening, I was on two virtual worlds (one quiet), Tweetdeck, various messenger services....I finally had to shut most of it down because I was experiencing the kind of information overload that can cause stress. This has been happening a lot, lately.

While I love my online friends dearly, sometimes I need peace and quiet...maybe talking with one or two people versus whole crowds of them. If I socialize too much, I don't have energy for two of my other favorite pursuits: Creation and Writing.

There was a time not too long ago when I had too much time on my hands versus not enough. I am trying to strike a balance, somewhere, and those of you who are my true friends and reading this will understand that.

Inworldz is incredibly chatty. People network like crazy, talk in group chats, gather for events - and while this can be a joy for me, sometimes it's just too much. I'm not sure how to moderate that for myself other than turning off certain group chats...and I guess I'll have to do that, even if I may miss something.

And miss things, I have...some of the changes are dizzying in their swiftness, and astounding in their sudden-ness. Sims being sold or shut down. People migrating between the grids, sometimes choosing to spend time on the Legacy grid (SL) after spending virtually 100% of their time on Inworldz. I can't keep up with it all and retain my sanity.

Right now, all I really want to do is be with Willy. We are bonding even deeper than before and I want to invest my time and energy in that. I know there will come a time when we both have to take time to build or do other things, but right now, I am where I want to be, with him. I'm just as sure many a Gentle Reader has been there, too.

My creative streak is a mile wide and is talking to me a mile a minute. I want to build, write, it all. I keep running out of energy. That sucks!

I have begun taking steps to trim back on that which doesn't directly involve either my creativity or my love life. I have to prioritize, there's just too much to take in. There's the matter of my 4 sims on Inworldz. Two are thriving as they have been, all this time - Fantasia and Isle of Anu. Celtic Dreams and Spirit of Romance aren't doing so hot, though I have gotten a new renter on the former which is encouraging. The latter was supposed to be a collaborative project beween Maxwell Wildcat and I but it doesn't look like it's going to take off. I built the Plaza above it, and just recently offered a New Renter Special - but again, it's not taking off as I would like. I may end up abolishing the Plaza and renting out at least half that sim, because I really can't afford not to. Unless I suddenly win a lottery or a rich relative I don't know about dies and leaves me their inheritance, I've got only so much money.

That brings up something else that's been on my mind. The place Willy and I call "home" on Second Life has become insecure, despite land orbs. Over the weekend, we were cuddling while Willy's player prepared to go afk for a bit when suddenly people were descending upon us, quite literally. A child AVI began to materialize, right there on our bed, before being kicked by the security. It seems the mother and the rest of the kids were floating just outside and just beyond the security perimeter, camming in. They had used Phoenix's Radar feature to find Willy and, instead of asking if they could come visit him (they didn't know he was in his private home) - they elected to just BARGE IN.

Who DOES that? Good grief! I guess people in the concrete universe do it to celebrities all the time - but for pete's sake, it's just NOT done in virtual worlds! Privacy is very precious to people and in most cases, others know to respect that - especially if a security system kicks them out. This woman and her kids were a clear exception. On top of trying to barge in and THEN camming in, the woman actually had the nerve to start propositioning Willy even after he said he was napping with his WIFE, saying she had a crush on him and wanted to see him privately. When I put in a notecard to her estranged husband, he naturally contacted her, and she then contacted me and we had "words". For all her wanting a private meeting with Willy, she spent the conversation with me insulting the daylights out of him.

The saddest thing about the entire affair is how she failed to comprehend that what she'd done was entirely in the wrong. We ended up banning her AND her children from the entire sim, including the factory.

So that leads me to my point. I've been seriously considering renting some land for my ship and studio, not because I'm ungrateful to Nikitta for allowing me to live there, but because I've started to build SL-only things again and I don't want to abuse her prim count. I also was feeling more of a need for privacy than I have over the markets and so close to the chocolate factory. However, with the latest development as I detailed above (and the very real chance that it could happen more and more often) it's becoming a concern that we will have to move our mutual home to its own private land. Willy does own a small plot elsewhere, but that's his private, just-him space and I'd never ask him to give that up. That means that I have to be the one to consider renting a plot...and if my two other islands don't start being more profitable, they will go in favor of rental space, here.

Let's face it. We need our own private space and just because the gate appears to be unlocked that doesn't mean that everyone can just barge in.
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