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A New Home

Willy and Marie had spent several days together, first simply talking things out. The more they talked, the more they realized that they'd been very foolish in leaving each other and, given time, they began to fall in love again, even moreso than they had the first time.

Soon enough, Marie was living with Willy, and taking trips from there, to her homelands, always to return to his bed. They danced, they bathed, they made slow, tender love. The time she spent with others became less and less, till she was with Willy fairly exclusively.

Marie had come home, and she never intended to leave, again.

Then there came an afternoon when they were napping peacefully in bed, in his home near the chocolate factory. They were rudely awakened by small children jumping on the bed, shouting Willy's name, and some strange woman, presumably the mother, standing in the middle of their bedroom, beaming at her little monsters in a most doting manner. Thankfully Willy and Marie were both dressed in pajamas, or the little demons would've gotten an instant education their mother didn't intend. Mumbling about double-locking the door, Willy got up and hastily escorted the family back out of the house. They were not able to return to their dreams though; it was pretty obvious that their home was no longer secure from the prying eyes of rabid fans. Willy filed a report with the authorities, and then he and Marie began talking about needing another, more private, place to live.

Willy's finances had suffered greatly during their messy divorce, and his creativity for new and unusual candies had taken a definite downturn during their time apart, so prosperity at the factory had likewise faltered. Marie, however, had been doing well with her various businesses in her homelands, and was able to exchange some of the Fae money for real-world currency. One day, while Willy was at the factory working with Charlie on new candy designs, Marie snuck off to the local real estate office. She came out the door with a key in her hand and a big smile on her face.

She found it very hard to keep her secret overnight, but she managed to do just that. Marie arranged for the Oompa Loompas to look after things, while she took Willy alone on a little trip. While Willy was delighted to be going someplace new with Marie, he was also very confused. The scenery soon melted from rolling green hills into more Mediterranean countryside, dotted with olive groves, and soon enough, tropical foliage. The road petered out from pavement into dirt, and soon enough, they had to park the car, at a small dock. A myriad of emotions played over Willy's face, from concern, to anticipation, to downright fear.

They boarded a small boat piloted by an obviously seasoned captain, taking seats on worn, but clean wooden benches. They left the shore behind and were soon out in the open water. Willy looked at Marie's face, trying to read what was there. Was she going to drown him and run off with his son and fortune, or was there something better in store? Marie looked back with a serene smile on her face, giving no hint of the surprise to come, nor the reason for it.

Before long, they could see more land, with gentle tropical vegetation waving just off the shoreline. The water turned a most pleasant shade of azure blue; this was obviously warm water and abundant with coral and fishes. The captain smiled to himself, guiding their little boat into a slip near a thatched bamboo beach shack. He announced their arrival; Marie stood up, practically beaming, and guided Willy off the boat, thankful he didn't get too seasick. It was in fact quite warm, and Willy was forced to strip off his heavy velvet coat and take off his impressive top hat lest he get heat failure. They strolled, arm in arm, to the beach shack. Willy kept asking Marie what was going on, and all she would say is "Wait and see my love". Rounding the wall of the shack, they came up to a fine roadster. Marie took Willy's heavy jacket and top hat and carefully stowed them in the boot, handing him a pair of driving goggles, instead. Donning her own, Marie got behind the wheel of the roadster, firing it up expertly, and soon they were rattling down a dirt road with sugar cane fields on one side, and dense tropical jungle on the other.

The scenery didn't change much during their short trip, except for the end, when the vegetation peeled off on each side to reveal a vista of pure tropical delight. Before them lay a white-clad beach house, obviously of some age, but also obviously well-maintained. The dirt gave way to a white gravel drive, which curved right up to the door. Marie drove up as though she knew exactly what she was doing, and parked the car. Servants, browned by years of living in the sun, poured out of the house, dressed in crisp, white uniforms, to greet them warmly and show them in.

The wonder on Willy's face was a sight to behold. If he could've swivelled his head around 360 degrees, he would have. Between the beautiful gardens outdoors giving way to a white-sand beach, and the cool, asian-decorated interior within, the residence was a sight to behold. Every comfort had been seen to; Willy was very surprised to see most of his favorite items, furniture and all, already installed in the right places. Smiling servants ushered them in, then just as magickally vanished, leaving them in the air conditioned interior.

Marie turned to Willy, offering him a sparkling gold key, the twin of the one she had on her own keyring. She looked into his eyes, hers sparkling with complete love. Leaning up to kiss his lips softly, Marie whispered:

"Welcome home, Willy. This is our new home, and only our very closest of friends know where it is. We will never be invaded again."

Willy stood dumbfounded, fine manicured fingers accepting the key, and feeling its cool metal. His jaw looked like it was going to hit the floor; Marie giggled, and placed soft fingers under his chin to guide it back up. He closed his teeth with a soft click, then began struggling to say something.

"When...what...where? Marie?"

Marie smiled, then cradled his face and kissed his lips, gently. "Yes, we own this, my love. There will be a car to pick you up every morning and a helicopter to take you to the factory, and the reverse to bring you home. The route will be varied by day so you cannot be tracked, and the pilots and drivers are professionals. No one will know about this place, unless we tell them. This is my gift to you, my dear love, to show you how much I've fallen in love with you, all over again."

Before he could simply collapse, Marie took Willy by the arm, guiding him upstairs. She helped him strip off the last of his heavy Victorian garments, and treated him to a delicious bath before handing him tropical wear that was just the right size. After, they lay on the bed, curled up around each other, for a well-deserved nap. Later they would dine upon a sumptuous supper in the gilded dining room, before retiring to adirondack chairs on the beach, and quietly talking while the waves spoke their quiet song.
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