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Souls Rejoined - The Talisman

(Yes, we are partnered, again :D )

Marie slept fitfully in the bed she now shared with her husband, Willy. Willy had gotten up at his customary early hour, had breakfast in the dining room, then boarded the helicopter to fly to the factory.

Just the other day, they'd gone off to a little church in the countryside, and quietly gotten married again. Willy had already contacted his lawyer to reinstate their joint custody of Charlie. Now their little family was once again complete.

Marie was troubled however; there was the matter of a little jeweled pouch that she'd retrieved from the Gods and buried at the site of her ancestor's ancient Circle. The pouch represented the bond she had with Willy before, and had contained a little of her very essence, her "ethereal heart", if you will. She didn't know how to get it back, or create a new one.

Dreams disturbed her sleep this late morning, as she wandered the halls of the Dreamplane, searching for the jeweled Talisman. Unable to find it, she wandered aimlessly and this disturbed her physical sleep. Then she heard a soft voice on the Dreamplane commanding her to return home, and her soul returned to rest within her body, calming her tossing and turning. Marie began to sleep deeply.

The shades were pulled, so it was dim in the bedroom. A silvery-white, ghostly energy began to materialize above Marie on the bed; at first, it looked like random wisps of steam or smoke, but then began to coalesce into the top portion of a female shape. After a little time, a silvery-skinned torso became more solid and the Goddess' hair, fair as the dawn, curled about Her serene face and cascaded down her back. Her azure eyes looked down at her Childe, and she smiled silently. Delicate fingers reached inside the bodice of a gown as light as spiderwebs, and withdrew a small pouch of fine hide, studded with small, fine jewels. Strange magicks emitted from the tied mouth of the pouch and just as quickly dived back within, unable to escape. Goddess reached forward, setting the pouch upon the pillow that Willy's head would occupy, much later in the day. A silvery set of far-away bells pealed quietly, and Goddess touched Marie's forehead with obvious affection. She then whispered:

"My Childe, you have done well, reuniting your family, and have Earned the return of your Talisman. Give it back to your Husband, and may you Both be Blessed with endless Happiness."

Again, Goddess smiled benificently down at her Childe, then vanished in a whisper, a swirl of energies and stars.

Marie turned to her side, facing Willy's pillow, and sighed happily in her sleep. After a few moments, she cracked her eyes in the first moments of waking. Bleary vision told her what she already knew - that Willy was gone to work. But what rested upon his pillow?

Marie frowned, closed her eyes, rolled them around inside the lids, then reopened them, focusing better. What greeted her eyes was a veritable miracle. With a cry of pure joy, Marie sat up and scooped the Talisman up, holding it tight to her heart. She then looked around the room as though expecting to see something or someone. All that remained of Goddess was a tiny bit of silvery residue clinging to Marie's forehead, so there was nothing to see, but Marie knew who had been there.

Marie raised her eyes to the ceiling, and spoke a soft prayer in ancient Fae of thanks. She then looked down, bringing her hands away from her bosom, to gaze upon the sparkly Talisman. With a great whoop of joy, Marie bounded out of bed, setting the Talisman gently on her nightstand, then went about the business of getting dressed.

She had to return the Talisman to Willy immediately lest the tie loosen and release her Sacred Essence inside.
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