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Dear Rod Humble aka @Rodvik

I have a presence on two grids - Second Life, and Inworldz - and I want to make you aware of something that's highly disturbing, and is certainly impacting Second Life's ability to retain users.

As I'm certain you know, we have many former and current users of SL on Inworldz. Some of them came voluntarily - but a disturbing and growing number did not. You see, these people had their accounts suspended or terminated without any reason and have not been able to find out what is going on.

There are stories of false ARs being filed - and actioned. There is talk about just trying to log in one day and not being able to, and all bills are current and paid.

I have a friend right now who suddenly found all his accounts suspended. He did not get an email and had to call to find out what's going on. All the person on the phone would tell him is that his accounts were suspended and he needed to file a ticket. No word on why or wherefore.

Now I'm sure you've heard thousands of complaints about the ticket system, and how, even for Premium users with land, you end up waiting literally WEEKS to get an answer.

Well, Rod, how would YOU like to wait weeks and weeks to get your accounts back, with the inventory and everything associated with them? My friend isn't the only one caught in this dilemma. Others are as well, and most aren't waiting around, now that SL has comparable competition.

BTW if you want to know this guy's name, I can give it to you in a Twitter Direct Message.

You need to DO SOMETHING about those that are trigger-happy with no-warning suspensions. You need to DO SOMETHING about false abuse reports being actioned without investigation.

This is a BIG PROBLEM that does more to chase away users than anything else.

We all wonder if we're going to be next, even if we know we aren't breaking any rules.
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