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#2 - Avination - Proof

Since I seem to have a lot of commenters who are just plain too lazy to look up their own information, here are some links to information about the good/bad of avination: - oh, so the truth comes out - Dean Ashby of Redgrave is involved in Avination and it sounds to me like they're making promises to major designers that they may or may not keep.... - hmmm, and where are their servers based, and just how legal is this?

There are a boatload of "you suck because you don't like avination" anonymous posts on my previous post. Ummm...listen people. Ever heard of OpenID? You CAN sign up for an LJ account for free...and even if you don't want to be bothered with all of that, you CAN sign your posts.

Since this is MY blog and I never claimed to be a serious journalist, it is my right to ask that any and all future dialogue on Avination be backed up by names. You don't have to use your real name, just a name to put to the words would be nice. It's too easy to make anonymous comments and take pot shots at me from behind the "anonymous" moniker. If you stand behind your words, show that you do so.

Supposedly there's even more on SLUniverse about Avination, uncovering its dirty little secrets.

So, let me get this straight. Not only do we have people running around trying to take down Inworldz, Avination's greatest competitor, via hacking, but we have Dan Ashby involved with the administration and yet, to date, nobody can seem to state definitively just WHO comprises the administration, outside of the original founder, Melanie Milland. It would also seem a lot of "big names" from SL have opened stores there, but how much of that was due to Mr. Ashby's influence and promises made to the merchants which are not transparent to the general user base? They spent a boatload on real-life advertising and I'm sure that brought them plenty of business. Inworldz has never advertised; news of it has always been via word-of-mouth. Makes you wonder why they invested so much real-world money in putting themselves out there, when it's just as easy to find out what grids are available via blogs and online magazines.

I have at least one current case of a well-known merchant who got fairly swindled by Avination's billing department, whomever they may be. While some have insisted that they found plenty of freebies, I know for a fact that the starting avatars are no-mod. Now, how dumb is that? No available moddable shape? There are a lot of people out there who have no clue how to create their own shape and from at least one account I read, it isn't that easy to do.

It's fine and dandy that they're advertising and lining up brand name after brand name, but then I hear about how the "average, little guy" is more or less left by the wayside. Are you people forgetting that it's the "little guys" who will buy your items? If they're not made to feel as welcome as possible, it won't matter how many "big names" you bandy about - you won't have customers.

Go ahead and tout how your experience has been different - but put a name to your words, or it won't be seen.

UPDATE: Adding this link from soror Nishi's blog:
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