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Inworldz - Yet More False Rumors

Once again, certain parties are attempting to discourage people from checking out the Inworldz grid.

The latest rumors I've heard include the following:

There is a lot of content theft on Inworldz.

No, there isn't. If stolen content is found, Inworldz has a full DMCA policy in place. Click here to read about it.

You get a lot of lag because Inworldz is tracing your IP - and/or - Inworldz shares your information with other parties.

Patently false. Click here to read the answer to these allegations from Elenia Llewellyn herself, one of the founders.

From: Elenia Llewellyn
Where: Inworldz Forum Announcement

Just a few simple answers in regards to our residents privacy.

InWorldz TOS wrote:
We will not share, sell, rent, or otherwise disclose your personal information to anyone, for any reason other than as required by law through subpoena or court order, or to assist in criminal justice proceedings, where necessary.

Is My Personal Information Stored?

We do not collect any real life information from you other than your IP address. In fact, we make it very clear we do NOT want your personal information stored in our systems anywhere.

Is My IP Given Out?


Is My IP Ever Traced to Identify Me?

We have several means of identifying users, tracing an IP is one of them. However, this is ONLY done when there is a problem with an account where suspicious activities have been identified. We do not have the time to trace every user, as this is really not what InWorldz about. So if you're not doing anything suspicious, we'll never even look to see what your IP is.

What About 3rd Party Systems to Collect My Information?

Systems such as RedZone are not allowed in InWorldz, because of privacy concerns and the violation of our own ToS. If we should find it here, and it's reported, we will immediately remove it from the grid in it's entirety. ANY third party system that uses the Viewer or a hacked version of the viewer to identify our residents RL information, will be banned, along with the accounts using the systems.

What About My PayPal Information?

We do store your PayPal email address if you are a buyer or a region holder, however, that will not give access to your PayPal account as your password to it is not stored with us. It is stored with PayPal who undergoes massive PCI compliance inspections routinely.

Lag Is Caused by Tracing IP's?

This is a blatant falsehood, as we do not have any grid code or web code in place to do a search of anyone's IP. If we need to do so, we do it with outside software.
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