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Inworldz: Teasing Can Hurt.

Yes, I have a lot on my mind this sue me. :P

You know I love you all. You know I do. But I have to say one thing: Not everyone appreciates teasing.

Two individuals come to mind, both of which are close to me, and both of which sometimes find themselves relentlessly teased. One, I've had to talk down from leaving Inworldz, more than once. If the teasing continues with the other, you will threaten the delicate balance I have that brought this person back into Inworldz.

A lot of people portray themselves as "routine people" when in 3D worlds. Some do not. I do not. I am a Fae Cat. Yes, I look like a human with a tail and split-pupil eyes, but I'm not a human. Everyone so far accepts this about me, and they don't give me crap over it.

In the two individuals' cases I'm thinking about - one portrays himself as an animal and the other as a fictional human character. Now granted, I know there are those of you "out there" who, for whatever reason, cannot handle the concept of anyone being anything but themselves in a virtual world. That's fine - just don't mistreat others because they choose to show a facet of their personality that isn't strictly "them".

Please do me a favor, and cut down on the teasing, in the forums, in the group chats. These two people, and those like them, will often not say anything in their own defense but will talk to their friends about how hurt they are. Some consider leaving Inworldz, and yet others do so. Inworldz is supposed to be a grid where anyone can do and be anything. Please don't ruin that for those who dare to be different.

Just keep in mind the Golden Rule. If you consider too much teasing to be harassment, then don't do it to others. Before making fun, take the time to get to know someone. If they are playing a character other than a routine representation of themselves, take time to find out what their background and basic storyline is. If you just cannot wrap your mind around someone doing something like this, then please, just don't say anything. That's better than blurting out the first thing to hit your mind.
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