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Inworldz Birthday Bash - Under The Wire

Okay, okay. So, I was a wee bit busy when all the stuff started with the Inworldz Birthday Bash - BUT - I got a plot with a mere 14 hours till showtime and I did manage to get up something pretty neat, though it isn't nearly as extensive as other builds I've seen around the same sim.

Here are two shots - one of the pavilion at a distance, the other a closeup of the main sign. Inside are free gifts (turn on your hovertips folks, they're not set to auto buy!), signs with LMs and information, and group joiners. I've done my best to make it both visually and audibly pleasant (neato Celtic music on the stream...but turn off your stream and listen carefully to the peaceful glass bell sounds, too). If it's not dark, then turn your environment onto midnight or therabouts, stand under the star in the soft light, and let the dropping stars fall around you...feel the peace, the serenity.

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