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Happy Birthday Inworldz!

Two years ago, a small group of people, who had all experienced both Second Life and OpenSim, decided to gather together and build a grid of their own. They knew what they wanted, they knew what had to be fixed, and they took the risk. Inworldz was born.

What some of you don't realize is the original founding group was larger than it is, now. We have 3 founders left - Elenia, Tranquillity, and Legion. I don't know all the name of the original group, and I don't have to, in order to remember and honor them.

Through blood, sweat, tears, coding, money, sleepless nights, and whatnot, that group worked together to bring us what we have, today. We have a lot to be grateful for.

We have a grid that makes it simple and low-cost to be creative. We have regions which provide us with more prim allowance than most know what to do with. We have a brand new script engine coming in that is going to blow away anything before it, and, after that, physics which will do the same thing.

We have a growing community which is made up of adults who also know what they want and don't want and have bonded together to create a world more like what most would love to see in Second Life. A truly friendly, helpful and generous community, where the paranoia of stealing is both unnecessary and discouraged. We have found, in this place, somewhere where we can be accepted in our diversity and have our creations celebrated, from the most simple, to the most complex. We also watch each other's backs and those who seek to destroy what we are building are soon done away with.

This is a place where you can realize dreams, and create a reality that all can share, and share in joy.

On this last day of celebration, take a little time to put down your tools and contemplate on what richness we have, here, and how we are all a part of what it has become, and is becoming.

Happy Birthday, Inworldz.
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