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Remembering Your Roots

We see it in the concrete world, especially right now and here in the United States. How rich folks and Big Name folks look down upon those in the middle and lower classes, forgetting that the same people are often their customers and could potentially be their ally somewhere down the line. They do this, especially, when they are earning criticism, constructive and not so constructive.

I am a hopeless optimist and I guess I was hoping - heck I am still hoping - that those of us who inhabit virtual worlds and conduct business there are above all of that. After all, our bread and butter comes from fellow inhabitants and most of us are keenly aware of that.

My purpose for being here isn't to be a Big Name, and I never claimed that as a goal. If it happens someday, that's great, but it isn't something that's be-all and end-all for me. I'm here for the community, to help others, and to have a good time making things that bring happiness.

I am still getting the random, anonymous comments from people who refuse to stand by their words, regarding the Heart affair. Lately they've gotten rather snide and childish and have chosen to take pot shots at my own creations. I was also demeaned in Heart's post regarding my challenge.

If you feel you have to put me down to make yourself look better, then you're missing the entire point of the matter.

The point was a maintenance of a good reputation by knowing what procedures to follow when faced with a potential copybot situation, rather than pointing fingers willy-nilly at whole grids. The latter is what earned my scorn and damaged my respect for Heart - not the fact that they are a major retailer on Second Life.

I know that some of these comments are coming from the Heart sisters themselves, and it's doubly bad that they do it anonymously and won't stand up for their statements. Even those that aren't from the Heart sisters themselves are coming from their supporters, which further damages their reputation if their staunchest allies are so childish.

When you put me down, you are putting down:

  • A potential customer;
  • Every single building supply merchant whose supplies appear in my creations - textures, sculpts, etc. - and a lot of those are fellow Big Names;
  • Every single person who likes my creations, and they are also your potential customers;
  • All my friends who read my blogs and see how childish your statements are - and they are potential customers.

The virtual world economy is very interdependent. No one benefits if there aren't others who are willing to purchase and/or appreciate our work. If you happen to rise to the "top", you have a responsibility to the economy as a whole to set a good example - and when you don't, you harm the economy as a whole. You discourage customers from purchases, you discourage up-and-coming creators. You spread the wrong information, because those not "in the know" believe that you ARE in the know and know what you're talking about. You make it a hard, uphill battle for the "silent ones" who are quietly going about their work of education and support. You make it All About You, and that pisses off everyone.

Most American corporations set a bad example every single day, and do NOT serve as a good example for those who are "at the top" in virtual worlds. We have a chance to do better, to prove that you don't have to be a selfish, spoiled, unforgiveable asshole to make it big and stay big. Virtual worlds are our laboratory - you can either blow things up or cook up something that will benefit not only yourself, but everyone around you.

It's your choice.
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