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Industrial Grind

Industrial Grind is a club we began putting together on Inworldz, but because of some of the things we've witnessed on SL, we elected to create it there, too. Its grand opening on SL was this past Saturday, May 7.

(As usual, click each picture for larger, or see the entire set here:

We started out with a small crowd, but it soon grew.

We've even got a mascot! X3mBozzy Lavarock, with his many excellent avatars, volunteered.

Ooh look at the pretty lights! Willy was gifted an especially excellent set of low-lag, programmable lights. We have them set up so that they don't come all the way down to the floor and interfere with people. This is just one shot; the lights go through many different and interesting patterns.

A good time was had by all, and the applications for both DJ and Host have come flooding in. Stay tuned for more revelry!

We still have to work on the location in Inworldz but we are sure that folks there will have just as much fun.

Many thanks to the following people for helping to put this excellent club together at the Second Life location. It was built from scratch; many of the textures come from an artist I purchased from on the web, but others are created by me or others from scratch. All particle effects except for the lights, are mine:

Willy Wonka (Charity Baroque)
Nikki Paine (Nikitta Jacobus)
Charlie Wonka (Charlie Leratia)

And, most of all, thanks to the patrons that make the club come alive and help to support it!
Tags: club, fun, industrial, inworldz, second life

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