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Herding Into Cattle Cars

Have you ever been to the stockyards or at least seen footage of stockyards?

When they want to herd cows into cattle cars/trailers, they start out in this roomy pen where they can move around fairly freely. When it comes time for loading up, they are driven into this "lane" which gets narrower and narrower till only one cow at a time can pass.

This is what came to mind when I was thinking about the last few days, which I've spent the majority of trying to diagnose (and fix) why I couldn't get my entire inventory on Phoenix.

I cleaned out over 10,000 items and my fetched inventory ceiling got lower, instead of getting better. Different bandwidth settings didn't do any good. Wearing scripted objects or not made no change. Going to a sim running a specific server code didn't make any difference. I tried everything ever suggested, and a few more things besides, and the best I could get was between 58K and 59K of just over 61K items.

I could get the entire enchilada, without problem, on SL V2.

Finally, the person helping me in the Phoenix JIRA suggested I try Kirsten's released V2-based viewer - which has an upgraded inventory fetch routine, the same one Second Life's V2 uses.

Lo and behold, I think I found a viewer to use in the interim. Not only can I get all my inventory, but Kirstens has quite a few buttons easily found - they've blended some of the advantages of V1 into their V2.

Phoenix Firestorm is still in the testing stage and the current version does not have the V2-based upgraded inventory fetch, so it doesn't do me any good. I have to wait till the next rollout.

In the meantime, I seem to be doing well on Kirstens.
Tags: inventory problems, second life, viewer 2

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