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Oz Linden: Why Do People Still Use V1 Viewers?

Dear Oz Linden,

According to this article you can't comprehend why so many of us are still using V1 viewers. While my words have a snowball in hell's chance of reaching you, I will, nonetheless, chime in with my viewpoint.

The V2 code is great and has done a lot to stabilize Second Life as long as the logged-in usercount stays below, say, 65K or so. 65K and higher begins to generate random errors such as texture rezz problems, object rezz problems, buying/selling problems, teleport problems. This degradation of performance likely has more to do with how many sims you have per server rather than the code itself. While I can certainly understand that you wish to save money and the best way to do that is via hardware, there is a point where you're losing more money in customers than you are gaining in hardware reduction.

V1 viewers, especially TPV viewers, offer the customer the features that they want. The biggest mistake you and your team made was not listening to your customers when it came to designing a new viewer.

  • We LIKE having buttons right out there, easy to find.
  • We LIKE the old profiles generated by the grid code, rather than by web. They load faster and are easier to use. I, for instance, use my picks as "saved landmarks" and switching to saving them in some interface which takes me a few clicks to get to doesn't substitute very well.
  • We LIKE seeing true online status of other customers.
  • We LIKE having the extra bells and whistles that a viewer like, say, Phoenix, offers us.
  • We LIKE simwide radar and tracking.
  • We LIKE not having to hunt for what we need to build.
  • We LIKE being able to search for items by creator, rather than name.
  • We LIKE the old-style "worn" folder which keeps things in their respective folders, making it far easier to change clothes by simply un-wearing an entire folder.
  • We LIKE having the choice of either a search window or a lag meter in the upper right.
  • We LIKE camera controls that don't take up so much space. Why do they have to be so big, anyway?
  • We LIKE having chat commands which are shortcuts - like "flr" to get to ground, or "gth nnnn" to immediately get to a certain elevation.

Those are just a few of the things we LIKE about the V1 viewers, Mr. Oz. I'm sure my commenters could add quite a few more. These are things that you could change and/or add to V2 that would make your customers happier.

EDIT: I am going to list other annoyances that I find -

1. I logged into my favorite club, which had maybe 10 avatars in it. Ping was good.

Why were half of the avatars STILL gray after I'd been there for awhile? That seriously sucks.
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