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"You can be anything you want, in here."

"You can be anything you want, in here." I said that this morning to someone, right before a highly unusual avatar walked into Club Zero...

Click each thumbnail.

This isn't the original; this is me, wearing the same avatar. It, and others even more unusual and unique, are created by a pair of artists named Yeti and Yoa. Their place is very simply named Yeti and Yoa's Art Sim, and it is on the New Trails island (SLURL at the end). Yoa Ogee is the delightful person I met, wearing this avatar.

I was so fascinated, I not only went there and purchased the same avatar, I also took some picture of the place to share with the rest of you.

As you can see, just from a few snapshots, you can literally be anything you want. Want to be a cold virus? They have it. Want to be a cloud of blowing leaves? They have it. Those, and much, much more.

Recently I heard a story about a cross-gender DJ who was working with a new host. As soon as this host heard the person's voice, and realized their gender was different than their avatar's, they started introducing them as the gender represented by their voice, rather than the gender they presented themselves with.

Some people just cannot wrap their minds around the idea of being anything save their current gender, in a human body, often as close to their real-life selves (or how they'd look 10 years younger and 25 pounds lighter). In fact, I'd go so far as to say some are downright paranoid and personally insecure about it. A lot of people can't deal with the cross-gender idea, though virtual worlds are the ideal place to "walk in the opposite gender's shoes". Then you move beyond 'just' cross-gender into sexual attraction differences, and a departure from humanoid altogether. One person said, right out on their blog, that when they meet an avatar that isn't strictly human, they "can't take them seriously". If they're so much as wearing pointed ears or a tail, she can't take them seriously. My only response to such a thing is "How can you call yourself a creator when your imagination is so narrow?"

I would like to take some of these people to this sim, and ask - hell, downright DARE - them to wear one of these avatars. I'll even buy it for them. But they have to wear it at least for 24 hours and go out in public with it, plus they have to try their best to "become one" with what the avatar represents. They can choose how to do that, but they have to make a serious stab at it.

Why would I even want to do such a thing? True imagination is vanishing very fast from this world as we know it, as mass media and consumer control push out any notion of true free thinking. Before we transform into nothing but a mass of blind robots, putting in our work, then going home to consume and nothing more, let's take back our minds. To do that, you have to step outside of your comfort zone, and take the chance of exploring and doing something you've never done before.

Virtual worlds are the greatest, cheapest, and easiest places to do that.

Heck, I haven't even explored their art gallery, yet. That'll have to wait for another post.

Anyone want to take me up on my offer?

Oh - before I go, here is the artists' website:
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