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The Good, the Bad, and the Just Plain Artistic

Today, someone gave me a HUGE compliment on something I built and that I sell on both SL and Inworldz. In this case, the person purchased one on Inworldz. It's a scripted object that had to wait for Phlox, but now that Phlox is here, I can offer it and other particle/moving objects that I love to create.

I also recently finished a house that is for sale on SL, and this time, I took more time photographing it, so the main graphic had some style to it.

Recently a blog I follow commented on the kerfluffle over the Heart sisters and how they mis-handle instances of copyright infringement. This got me thinking about some of the comments the sisters made, as well as some of their followers.

I never once claimed to be as good, or better, than they are. I can't be for several reasons. One, I'm me, I'm not them. Two, I'm disabled, so I have certain limitations that come and go. Three, I cannot afford Modo nor do I really have the time to learn how to use it. Four, a great majority of my products are not landscaping items. Lastly, my landscaping items, for the most part, are tailored for mid-to-lower budget, and/or fantasy uses.

Just how childish do you have to get, to put down a fellow creator, to make yourself look or feel better? Obviously there are those who think it's cool to do that sort of thing, and they took the time to do it on my blog (I left the worst of it hidden). Whether they realize it or not, it is a deflection tactic, meant to take focus off the real issue at hand - pursuing legal recourse in cases of infringement versus public posts flinging accusations, often against the wrong people.

I don't have programs that cost hundreds (or thousands) of dollars to license. My greatest tool is Paint Shop Pro 9. I know the program well and am learning new ways of manipulating textures every day I use it. My second greatest tool - or should I say, tools - are prims. Sometimes they're tortured, sometimes they're sculpts formed by maps I purchase from others.

Better yet, the greatest tools are my mind and my imagination. Those are two things that money cannot buy, nor can they be stolen or copied.

So I don't have Modo and I can't make meshes. So I purchase sculpt maps from others because trying to learn a sculpt map program makes my brain hurt. That doesn't make me any LESS a creator. It's what I DO with those supplies that is artistic and unique.

There are two skills at which I excel - scripting, and particles.

The item I got the huge compliment on is a combination of both. I call it the Pan-Galactic Meteor Comet, and it brings a lot of happiness to the people who purchase it. If you've never seen one in action, you don't know what I'm talking about. Stop at my Inworldz or SL store and take a look. In Inworldz, it is doing it's thing in front of the falls. In SL, it's making its magic above the roof of my shop.

While you're at it, check out a few of the more "artistic" items I have inside the shop. I have several examples rezzed that you can see firsthand.

Then check out all the original homes, castles, and other buildings. Oh look, I made rings, too - and even some clothing items. Oh, have you been upstairs to see my neko and cyberpunk items?

I also landscape and build whole sims.

Yes, I advertise, but word never seems to get out. I guess my stuff isn't as "run of the mill" or "just like real life" enough to garner a huge audience. I enjoy more success on Inworldz than I do on SL, because a lot of highly imaginative people have migrated there, and are more interested in "out of the ordinary" than, perhaps, the base population of SL.

At any rate, I live my life as an artist on all levels. I am not "in it" for the money. I never expected to make a major profit on that which I sell. Most of my expenses are not covered.

If that somehow makes me "wrong", then I want to be as wrong as I possibly can be.
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