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It is 4:14AM Pacific Daylight Time, which is the same time it is in Second Life. The grid is running like it is under a DoS (Denial-of-Service) attack. Everything is running slow - chat, teleportation, rezzing, and especially, scripts.

I am sitting on my land on the mainland region known as Atlit, where I own nearly 1/4 sim. In a couple of neighboring parcels, we have breedables. One large area is full of nothing save horses; dozens of them are rezzed, even more are boxed up. The same person just snagged the parcel behind ours and is planning to put breedable cats and meroos there.

I have no problems with breedables if they're your "thing" - until the numbers get up into the dozens. Then, I have a problem if I share a sim with them, because they suck up all the CPU time on the server running our region (which, in the case of Atlit, also shares a server with 9 other regions).

Thanks to this person, who doesn't use their brain for anything save a hatrack, things are running especially slow on Atlit.

I don't know that it'll do me any good whatsoever to complain about this. It's already causing us problems in product development and I am afraid it may have a detrimental impact on our club shows. The more people you shove into a sim, the slower it's going to run - and we're not the only club on this sim.

I can hear this person now - "why don't you move?" Well why don't you be considerate on how many server resources you're eating up, instead? It would cost me money AND customers to move and I've been here longer plus I have more land. Then I'd have to sell this land at bargain-basement prices and I wouldn't even get close to what I paid for it.

Are YOU going to pay the extra tier it'll cost me to move to a private island where I don't have to put up with this shit? Are YOU going to make sure all my customers follow me? HELL no you aren't. So why don't you shove your horses up your ass instead - all 33 rezzed ones, and all 47 boxed ones?

Don't you realize that the only people who truly make any money at breedables are the ones who create them?

"There is a sucker born every minute." ~~P.T. Barnum
Tags: breedables, bunnies, cats, horses, idiocy, meeroos, second life, virtual worlds

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