Phantasies and Alternate Dimensions (feline_phantasy) wrote,
Phantasies and Alternate Dimensions

  • 18:32 Anyone love latex? Kayliwulf Kingdom Latex is sponsoring our event right now - not sure if the slurl will work for you but if you're in ... #
  • 19:00 If you're in #secondlife come on down to the Abbey of Sound for our Latex event! We #
  • 19:01 We're halfway through #secondlife - ers, you still have time to win! #
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    We're back from the vet. They now have, miracles of miracles, antibiotic shots that last two weeks. We don't have to dose her, which has always been…

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    Here's M's update: Here is a picture of the little baby sleeping on my desk: She stopped eating so…

  • My SL Love

    I've been posting more on Facebook than I have over here. Want to share some pictures of my love, Nolaren. I believe I have finally found peace and…

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