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I spent the morning on Inworldz taking care of some business.

Again, my rentals are down, but I have at least one individual who wants to rent a large section of one of my islands so that's good.

I had a very unpleasant experience in a chat that I help moderate. There was an individual who was more or less spamming the chat because they weren't getting what they wanted. I was busy working on a script but keeping an eye on what was happening. Suddenly uppercase chat crossed my line of sight and I paid more attention. The person in question was getting more disruptive, so I stepped in and asked them to please stop. I was nice, but I was also firm. I got told that they were "playing" because "this is a game" - which earned my usual reply of "No, this is not a game, it is a 3d virtual interaction platform and we are real people."

Things were calming down and then another resident chimed in, first by calling me a "drip". Um, what did I do to earn an insult? Then they began interfering with my ability to moderate and tried turning it into a "them against us" situation. I asked them if they were a moderator, to which, they replied that they were not. I then asked them to allow me to do my job.

Ummmm....we're talking Inworldz, here. Not Second Life, where it's not uncommon for someone to pitch an insult at you if you're a chat moderator and trying to stop a disruptive situation.

I was not amused. I nearly logged off and went back to SL. Instead I chose to go to my new Temple, meditate a little, and write this post.

I am also disturbed by a trend I am seeing in the same chat: More and more people are asking for free items that aren't normally free. Granted, people tend to be more generous on this grid, but that doesn't mean we're giving everything away. It's like when I see a freecycle mailing list and someone is asking for expensive electronics that they could just as easily save up for and buy themselves, same as everyone else.

Has our sense of entitlement in this country/world gotten THAT bad that we think we should just be handed stuff most people work hard for?

Another disturbing trend that I've seen in SL, and is no doubt coming to Inworldz (if it isn't here already) is how people display cavalier attitudes toward other people's relationships. For this one, I blame Ayn Rand, who stoked the primal instincts of humans by advocating "if it feels good, do it, and to hell with who you hurt in the process". Yeah, it's really easy to turn a blind eye to whom you may hurt - till it's done to you. Such things usually come around and bite you in the ass, figuratively and otherwise. The universe relies on give-and-take and if you do nothing but take, eventually "take" will be all you experience from others. There's probably some sort of Law about that, but right now I'm too lazy to look it up. I do know that it follows the basic laws of physics.

Same goes for treating virtual worlds as a "game". The very term reduces all other participants to NPCs and makes them more like bots than other human beings. Again, some find it very easy to think of others in a virtual world as nothing more than players to defeat or nonplaying characters there to "flesh things out".

Lastly, there is a growing trend of new people in Second Life who are using RL picture for their second life pictures. Er, what's up with that? I guess that's a byproduct of Linden Lab marketing to the Facebook crowd. Those who use RL pics for second life pics really don't "get" what virtual worlds are all about. They see it as another dating game or something, I guess.
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