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This begs the question...

I was speaking with some folks on Twitter this morning about the demise of so many "treasured areas" on SL. What started the debate was when they asked me why I felt it was Linden Lab's fault. My reply to that was "because those areas draw people to their service, but they don't seem to care about those builds or the people who build them."

Then it was suggested that "someone" (undefined as of right now) should suggest to Linden Lab that there should be some sort of a "historical preservation of beautiful areas" based on resident vote.

I suggested they petition Linden Lab themselves, but instead of taking the lead, they made some vague statements about people "higher". I was then referred to this page, and after a little bit of investigating in that blog I managed to get a definition for "FIC" - "Feted Inner Core".

The person really backed off when I asked how one determines who is "higher" or "lower", the "class" of users on Second Life. This still leaves me with the basic question: How does one determine who deserves to be in FIC and who does not?

I guess Linden Lab does and of course us "commoners" are not privy to their rhyme nor reason.

Is it based on popularity of the sim(s) they own? Is it based on the income they generate, not only for themselves, but in turn, the Lab? Just what DOES get one into the "Feted Inner Core" that so many allude to?

Do we know anyone who is in the FIC who would feel magnanimous enough to petition Linden Lab for this "historical preservation" idea? Or are they now resting on their laurels, having gotten what THEY wanted from the Lab?

Earlier today I was reading a post about racism occurring in virtual worlds, which, of course, led to mentions of sexism and other such prejudices. There are as many prejudices as there are people to think them up. The sad part is when we dive into virtual worlds, we don't leave such "baggage" behind. And why? Simply because prejudice begins in the mind, usually taught and or a "learned fear". We bring our minds into virtual worlds, so all the baggage comes with them.

I like to be an idealist and say that such things don't belong in virtual worlds, but at the same time, we're all human here (as far as I know; there may be some aliens or somesuch hiding out). Being human means having failings. Many times, the failings we have hurt only ourselves, but just as often, a person's failings (which include prejudices) can and do affect others.

It certainly doesn't help that Linden Lab is fully supporting a "classist" attitude - the "haves" and "have nots". Mirrors concrete life a little too closely, I'd say.

So how does one end up Feted? Do you need a specific Linden to take a liking to you? Do you need to be one of the rare millionaires who made their million via SL? Just what does it take to "get there"?

Or do you simply have to end up on one of the lists on this blog?

Either way, I'm actually relieved to see I'm not on any of the lists. I don't like participating in class warfare, whether willingly, or not.

I also think it's pretty sad when a fellow SLer I admire highly doesn't consider themselves somehow "high" enough to make the suggestion at the beginning of this post.
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