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The Hubs of Commerce and Entertainment - Inworldz

I was recently inspired to create, not only two groups, but two buildings that I hope will become very useful to the residents of Inworldz.

The first is the Inworldz Club Hub:

The group is called INWORLDZ CLUB ANNOUNCEMENTS and is open enrollment. If you are a club owner, manager, or host, contact me inworld (Marie Ravencrow) to get posting privileges.

The second is the Inworldz Mall Hub:

The group is called INWORLDZ MALL HUB and is also open enrollment; contact me inworld if you are a mall owner to get posting privileges.

I am hoping both places help tie together two of the major grid activities: Music/Dancing and Shopping.

Both can be found on Dryad - Dryad/194/127/22
Tags: commerce, inworldz, music in inworldz, virtual worlds

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