Phantasies and Alternate Dimensions (feline_phantasy) wrote,
Phantasies and Alternate Dimensions


HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY WEEKEND USA! Happy Canada Day Weekend to our neighbors up north!

Even if you're in a country not celebrating anything this weekend, we invite you over to Fantasia on Inworldz to share a very special event - THE GRAND OPENING OF INDUSTRIAL GRIND, INWORLDZ!

This club is even bigger and better than its counterpart on SL, thanks to no prim size limits, no link limits, and the rockin' Phlox script engine!

DJ Willy Wonka has a lineup of Industrial and related genres sure to knock your socks off!

If you're a merchant of club wear, club accessories or clubbing gear, check out our mall right next door! Large, roomy shops just waiting for you to stock your goodies!

The festivities start at 6PM inworld time, so don't be late. See you there!



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