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A mini-rant from yours truly

I'll warn you right now - if your feelings are easily bruised, don't bother reading this, because I don't sugar coat it.

There are some things I don't understand about people - newbies and oldbies alike.

1. If you TP into a club you know is commonly busy - and especially if you TP into a spot that is smack on the dance floor - why don't you MOVE YOUR ASS? It is highly likely there are people dancing in that spot and you're like a doggoned brick wall. MOVE! People who are dancing couples dances can't move, but you can!

2. If you TP into a public area, GET YOUR ASS OFF THE TP POINT. I know it might take you a moment till you can move - but for goodness sakes, use common sense - if that's a common point, OTHERS WILL BE COMING IN. MOVE! To me that's just as bad as the clueless grocery shopper who has their cart sitting in the middle of the aisle while they're browsing the soup cans halfway down and nobody can get past it. It annoys you - well, newsflash! It annoys others too!

3. If there are people dancing, for goodness sakes, DON'T GO STAND IN THEIR DANCE SPACE. Would YOU like it if YOU had to constantly move because these brick walls, aka people, kept invading your dance space?

4. Don't start dancing in someone else's space. Yes, sometimes clubs are crowded, but there's always a way to find clear dance space. Don't invade someone else's. I don't CARE if "that's usually where you dance." Your name is not on that spot of floor. Find another spot.

5. Don't go shoving through crowds. It's just plain rude and if it were the concrete universe you'd probably get smacked.

6. Newbies - learn how to look UP. Most dance balls/sploders/etc. are ABOVE THE FLOOR. Later on, there will be other things you'll want to look UP at. Learn how to cam back from your avi (usually by just using the scroll wheel on your mouse) to get a wider view of the scene. Learn how to use your Camera Controls, they are your friend.

7. I know everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to their shape - but what is this persistent thing where a person's head is WAY TOO SMALL for their body? I want to start calling them Pinhead or something, because it looks more like a growth than a head. Don't be afraid to make your head proportional to your body.

Do you really wanna look like this guy in the center?

8. Remember: A collection of green dots on the map does not always mean there's a club full of people. If you randomly TP into a new place, stand there till you can see what's going on. If it doesn't look like a place or a gathering that it's appropriate for you to be attending, get your butt out of there.

The worst case of this in my experience occurred when I was attending a memorial service for an SL friend who had died IRL. We were in a chapel, and most of us were dressed formally. The casket was on the altar, along with several large picture and text displays. In comes this newbie, dressed in system layer shocking pink lingerie and wearing a Sex Beach tag. She starts climbing all over pews and people and totally ignores what's going on, till I finally IMd her and told her that it was a memorial service, at which time she left without a word.

Don't be a Barbie looking for sex at a memorial service.

9. If the venue says "formal attire only" - that does NOT mean "everyone else but you". Most places like this offer a fairly nice tuxedo and dress for free, and a place to change into them. If you can't afford formal clothing, take the free stuff and change before you enter the venue.

If you don't know what "formal" means, it's time you learned - especially since you're likely to encounter an event requiring formal attire sometime in your concrete life. I will tell you what it isn't, first of all. It isn't booty shorts. It isn't baggies. It isn't bare chests and boobies barely covered up. It isn't your latest Warrior outfit complete with blood spatters and ragged parts. It isn't torn jeans. It isn't slave silks. It isn't a short skirt that shows your ass.

It IS a long dress, that is NOT tattered and does NOT show your ass or your boobs. It IS a suit which is NOT tattered and does NOT show skin on your chest, ass, or legs.

Knowing what "formal" is and where it's needed is an essential, no matter what plane of being (virtual, or concrete). For instance - it's usually not smart to wear tattered booty shorts to a wedding unless the bride and groom specify that it is entirely informal. Tummy talkers are NOT to be worn in formal places or at formal events. Gestures and sounds should NOT be employed. Skirts short enough to show your ass are inappropriate, as are male outfits without a shirt. Anything tattered or torn is inappropriate.

Before you buy that gangsta outfit, invest in at least one outfit you can use for formal occasions. Formal occasions include:

a. Ballroom dancing
b. Weddings
c. Certain contests
d. Church, religious, or memorial services
e. Certain formal dinners

I just needed to get this stuff outa my head.
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