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STOP IT. Just stop it, all of you.

  1. Unsolicited communications are spam. Period. It is, and always has been, against Netiquette to "harvest" names from a group of ANY SORT and spam them. Virtual world groups are no exception.

  2. I don't care WHAT you do or say, especially if you're polite about it - that does not mean it's OK to abuse you, call you names, or swear at you. Nobody "earns" abuse.

  3. There are only a few true authority figures in any group - the owner(s) and the moderator(s). If you take it upon yourself to act like an authority out of some notion of superiority, be prepared to be put in your place by the owners or moderators. This may happen publically to make an example for all.

  4. The larger a group is, the more you will see a hierarchical "pecking order" amongst its members and the formation of one or more cliques. It is adviseable to nip this in the bud as soon as you perceive it or it will get way out of hand, and then the cliques will be running your group and not you.

  5. If you ask someone to be a moderator for you and they get into a sticky situation, think twice before ejecting them. Talk to them, yes. Give them suggestions for handling it differently, yes. Eject them? Not unless it is clear as glass that they overstepped themselves. After all, you thought enough of this person to ask them to take a generally unwanted and abused position in the first place.
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