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If you think VWs are a game...

  1. You audition for a job, get it, then show up when you want, not according to your schedule, because you're playing WoW / have something interesting to do offline / want to check out that hot chick/guy/whatever you saw the other day. After all it doesn't exist if you're not there, right? So you're wondering why you got fired.

  2. Someone amuses you because they want to be a silly furry / otherkin / etc. and you tell them straight to their face how stupid they look. After all, it's just an avatar.

  3. You simply cannot understand why anyone wouldn't want to be themselves (okay, maybe a younger themselves, with less fat, more hair, etc.) - isn't that what Facebook wanted? That's how you found this particular VW.

  4. You go from relationship to relationship, get partnered, cheat, split, get partnered again...try having a baby, get bored with it and put it back in your inventory...every "love affair" is the greatest, till you get bored with it...after all, none of this is real.

  5. When someone dies, you figure they just got bored with "playing the game" and deleted their account. You can't understand why people are actually mourning - what's the fun in that? You tell them to get over it. After all, the person didn't really die, because none of this is real. In the meantime they're killing your buzz and it annoys you.

  6. You simply cannot understand why club owners and other venue providers get mad when you don't tip them. After all, this is all free, isn't it? And why can't that merchant understand that you need this free dress in black and not yellow? Why did this landowner get angry when you built a house on their land? After all, if you weren't supposed to build it there, you wouldn't have been able to.

  7. You don't understand why these homeowners got mad when they came home and found you using their house. If you weren't supposed to use it then why could you get in? And while we're at it, why did that couple get all embarrassed when you went up to their room and found them in a compromising position? They should lock their doors. Why did that person claiming to be a movie star get all upset with you when you used your radar to find them and decided to pay them a visit? After all, they're here for your entertainment...aren't they?

  8. If you had a bad day at work, you log into your favorite VW and proceed to take your frustrations out on every avatar you meet, especially if they are anything but human. It's not real, so why does it matter what you say or do?

  9. You think that those playing this "game" must be real suckers, so you try giving them a sob story. You're really the actor, and they buy it, and give you money (real or funny, it doesn't matter). You try it again, because it worked so well the last time. What's going to happen, anyway? Nobody is going to arrest you and these people are just wanting to be taken advantage of.

  10. You think nothing whatsoever about collecting free stuff and then selling it. You see stuff on the Internet - textures, paintings, etc. - that you are able to save to disk, so you import that stuff and try to sell it, too. Copyrights? What are those? After all, you're just trying to get ahead...

(I'm sure that most reading this could add their own to this list...feel free to in comments.)
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