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Grid Wars - Why?

I don't understand why some people engage in Grid Wars.

Recently, a fellow came to Inworldz apparently just to start a fight. When he was asked to calm down and behave, he called everyone Nazis and left. Um, here's a tip: Invoking Godwin's Law straight out of the gate is never wise.

I also got called a lot of colorful metaphors when attempting to engage in dialogue with this person. First, they objected to me not having a facial picture on my twitter account. Just to prove a point, I made one of my SL avatar and used it. Him? He has some "ooh be scared of me" type of pic where he's wearing a gladiator helmet IRL. I've also seen other pics of him, all real - and all I can say is he looks like a very angry fellow. He also claims to "breed humans" so either he's busy making pixel babies in SL or he's referring to "spreading his seed" in the concrete world. If it's the latter, I truly pity any young woman who would get involved with him. He impresses me as an abuser.

He uses Second Life, though, and I wonder why. When I told him I was a builder and I had better things to do than trade insults with him, he criticized me for that - which frankly doesn't make a whit of sense. After all, he obviously uses SL products that someone made - clothing at least - so why would he be all high and mighty about builders?

He also has an avatar that likely has a skin someone made. He probably has a house that someone made, furnished with items someone else made.

Even if he's one of these "real people" proponents, he is still present in a virtual world and making use of virtual goods. So, what's his problem?

I have a significant presence on both SL and Inworldz. I own land in both places, I sell goods in both places, I have fun in both places - and I don't criticize anyone else who does the same thing, whether it's on those two grids or others.

The only thing that comes to mind is the presence of other successful grids somehow threatens the notion of existence for this fellow and others like him. Perhaps they are afraid everyone will leave SL for other grids, and then SL will shut down. Well, Inworldz has been around for over 2 years and SL is still here, too. I think SL will continue to exist in some form as long as there are people willing to call it home.

Don't be a hater. Other grids have elements that appeal to people, just like SL. No one should be afraid to explore, branch out, and most of all, have fun.

As for you, angry fellow? I wouldn't want to meet you in real life with your attitude. I would never consider making pixel babies with you, and I will enjoy my virtual lives without your constraints...because that is what it's really about, constraining and controlling others, isn't it?

New stuff frightens a lot of people - even those in virtual worlds.
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