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Beefcakes strike again!

See my previous post for "God's Gift to Women"...after having several misogynistic colorful metaphors thrown at me in Twitter, I get this in SL, today.

Usernames redacted for privacy.

[2011/08/12 15:50:21] VERY LOVED BY MANY: (Saved Fri Aug 12 15:31:41 2011)mmm mighty fine ava ya got there "artist" LOL hope to see you pixel to pixel here sometime
[2011/08/12 15:51:05] Marie Wonka: You're insane. Why would I want to meet you?
[2011/08/12 15:51:32] VERY LOVED BY MANY: idk so you could be charmed in spite of yourself.
[2011/08/12 15:51:39] VERY LOVED BY MANY: something to do.
[2011/08/12 15:51:57] VERY LOVED BY MANY: I forgot you're not allowed in Mature sims
[2011/08/12 15:52:03] Marie Wonka: but don't you have all kinds of women beating down your door?
[2011/08/12 15:52:06] VERY LOVED BY MANY: eeps
[2011/08/12 15:52:18] Marie Wonka: scuse me? I'm age verfied so stick it.
[2011/08/12 15:52:24] VERY LOVED BY MANY: I pick and choose
[2011/08/12 15:52:41] VERY LOVED BY MANY: stick it? already? I thought we would at least talk first.
[2011/08/12 15:52:53] Second Life: [uuid redacted] has offered to teleport you to their location:

come help me decorate - Moderate Parcel_M_Dark
[2011/08/12 15:53:26] Marie Wonka: it always comes down to the same thing. "You're a stupid bitch. Wanna suck my dick?"
[2011/08/12 15:53:37] VERY LOVED BY MANY: you said that I did not.
[2011/08/12 15:53:46] Marie Wonka: That's because I know your type.
[2011/08/12 15:53:49] VERY LOVED BY MANY: I am way classier than that.
[2011/08/12 15:53:53] VERY LOVED BY MANY: no you really dont
[2011/08/12 15:54:01] VERY LOVED BY MANY: I am not loved by many by being crass
[2011/08/12 15:54:01] Marie Wonka: *snort* yeah right, and I'm the Queen of Sheba.
[2011/08/12 15:54:07] VERY LOVED BY MANY: i am an adult
[2011/08/12 15:54:13] VERY LOVED BY MANY: with an ADULT sense of humor
[2011/08/12 15:54:14] Marie Wonka: then act like one.
[2011/08/12 15:54:21] VERY LOVED BY MANY: ADULT women can appreciate
[2011/08/12 15:54:42] Marie Wonka: adult women who think for themselves don't put up with blatant misogyny in any form.
[2011/08/12 15:54:58] VERY LOVED BY MANY: misogyny works both ways
[2011/08/12 15:55:10] Marie Wonka: you're the one who waved your dick, not me.
[2011/08/12 15:56:12] VERY LOVED BY MANY: at whom?
[2011/08/12 15:56:22] VERY LOVED BY MANY: you like talking dirty dont you?
[2011/08/12 15:56:24] Marie Wonka: *laughs* go back and read your tweets
[2011/08/12 15:56:27] VERY LOVED BY MANY: it "titilates" you.
[2011/08/12 15:56:41] VERY LOVED BY MANY: mmmm we'll have lots of fun
[2011/08/12 15:56:46] VERY LOVED BY MANY: once you get over yourself
[2011/08/12 15:57:06] Marie Wonka: I have no intentions of "falling for your so-called charms".
[2011/08/12 15:57:24] VERY LOVED BY MANY: no one ever does
[2011/08/12 15:57:41] VERY LOVED BY MANY: my charm is IRRESISTIBLE
[2011/08/12 15:57:44] VERY LOVED BY MANY: muah ha ha
[2011/08/12 15:57:55] VERY LOVED BY MANY: thanks for your mention in your blog btw
[2011/08/12 15:58:02] VERY LOVED BY MANY: it did wonders for my ego
[2011/08/12 15:58:05] VERY LOVED BY MANY: I have to go
[2011/08/12 15:58:06] Marie Wonka: *snort* yeah, right. And I've heard it before. Got the T-shirt and burnt it. You don't impress me.
[2011/08/12 15:58:10] VERY LOVED BY MANY: let's continue later hotti
[2011/08/12 15:58:20] VERY LOVED BY MANY: stop speaking in cliches
[2011/08/12 15:58:25] VERY LOVED BY MANY: kisses , hugs
[2011/08/12 15:58:26] VERY LOVED BY MANY: ciao
[2011/08/12 15:58:29] Marie Wonka: don't tell me how to speak.
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