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Named changed to protect the guilty.

[2011/11/05 18:27:32] Gin Farnsdale: Hi
[2011/11/05 18:27:49] Marie Wonka (marie.resch): hello, may I help you?
[2011/11/05 18:28:10] Gin Farnsdale: Where can I see your: Mystical Crystal light teal & Pan-Galactic Meteor Comet
[2011/11/05 18:28:23] Gin Farnsdale: I am in Isis Cove but I dont see them
[2011/11/05 18:28:29] Marie Wonka (marie.resch): okay one second
[2011/11/05 18:28:47] Gin Farnsdale: Oh I am seeing the Meteors now
[2011/11/05 18:29:06] Marie Wonka (marie.resch): yes I have the multicolored one out
[2011/11/05 18:29:53] Gin Farnsdale: Hi
[2011/11/05 18:30:02] Marie Wonka (marie.resch): let me get out that crystal for you
[2011/11/05 18:31:39] Marie Wonka (marie.resch): here you are
[2011/11/05 18:31:53] Gin Farnsdale: Nice idea about the meteors but, the frame rate dont let see them well
[2011/11/05 18:32:16] Marie Wonka (marie.resch): perhaps you need to adjust your graphics? It works fine for me, on any viewer
[2011/11/05 18:32:39] Gin Farnsdale: in some moments I lost some frames
[2011/11/05 18:33:17] Marie Wonka (marie.resch): it does dip below the surface, are you certain that you lost frames or that it maybe just dipped out of sight?
[2011/11/05 18:33:35] Gin Farnsdale: thank you to show me them...
[2011/11/05 18:33:42] Marie Wonka (marie.resch): you're very welcome
[2011/11/05 18:33:46] Gin Farnsdale: Have fun
[2011/11/05 18:33:51] Marie Wonka (marie.resch): you too :)
[2011/11/05 18:35:46] Gin Farnsdale: I have a lot of objects and Im very picky right now. ;-)
[2011/11/05 18:42:38] Marie Wonka (marie.resch): ahhh
[2011/11/05 18:44:26] Gin Farnsdale: Your objects are cute, but I was expecting a scintillation and some change of collors in your crystals.
[2011/11/05 18:44:57] Gin Farnsdale: And in your meteors somo movements like a meteors whith physics
[2011/11/05 18:45:11] Marie Wonka (marie.resch): actually it's not using physics at all
[2011/11/05 18:45:20] Marie Wonka (marie.resch): and there is a shift in color with the crystal
[2011/11/05 18:45:22] Gin Farnsdale: Yes I saw them
[2011/11/05 18:45:55] Gin Farnsdale: I am loking for a deeper effect.
[2011/11/05 18:46:06] Marie Wonka (marie.resch): I see
[2011/11/05 18:46:45] Gin Farnsdale: and your object are not the cheapers of the marketplace ;-)
[2011/11/05 18:47:14] Marie Wonka (marie.resch): no, I'm afraid not, they're hand-scripted
[2011/11/05 18:47:53] Gin Farnsdale: I paid premium price when I see what I want. ;-)
[2011/11/05 18:48:01] Marie Wonka (marie.resch): As is your right
[2011/11/05 18:49:04] Marie Wonka (marie.resch): most of my textures are hand made also...and you probably have no clue how much work goes into a piece
[2011/11/05 18:50:13] Gin Farnsdale: I had build some object I know how much hard work are involved. But we all made them for fun, and expect to sell several copies. ;-)
[2011/11/05 18:50:58] Marie Wonka (marie.resch): and I do, without complaint.
[2011/11/05 18:51:36] Marie Wonka (marie.resch): you'll also be hard-pressed to find the same sorts of objects having a copy option. All of mine do.
[2011/11/05 18:51:55] Gin Farnsdale: I preffer copy modified.
[2011/11/05 18:52:21] Gin Farnsdale: So I could add scripts, change size and so on
[2011/11/05 18:52:38] Gin Farnsdale: And also use temporal rezzers if I need
[2011/11/05 18:52:44] Marie Wonka (marie.resch): good luck on that, most objects of the kind you saw today aren't copy or modify, that's why they sell so cheap, you have to buy several copies.
[2011/11/05 18:53:54] Gin Farnsdale: I only in exceptional cases but an object that are not Copy Modify.
[2011/11/05 18:54:42] Marie Wonka (marie.resch): the crystals that I've seen, that are on a par with mine, are usually no copy.
[2011/11/05 18:54:58] Gin Farnsdale: On the other hand if I own a special object, I usually only use one Copy, because using more than one, will made it not excepcional.
[2011/11/05 18:55:11] Marie Wonka (marie.resch): *shrugs*
[2011/11/05 18:55:45] Gin Farnsdale: But Copy is mandatory, because we all know what some times happen to our inventory in SL
[2011/11/05 18:57:17] Marie Wonka (marie.resch): actually copy is not mandatory, some merchants don't care.
[2011/11/05 18:57:27] Marie Wonka (marie.resch): and yet others are afraid of copybotting.
[2011/11/05 18:57:37] Gin Farnsdale: For me to buy, yes.
[2011/11/05 18:57:42] Marie Wonka (marie.resch): that's nice.
[2011/11/05 18:58:12] Gin Farnsdale: ...if you want to visit one of my places...
[2011/11/05 18:58:19] Second Life: {redacted} has given you this landmark:
Do you want to keep it? "Block" will block any more offers or messages from {redacted}.
[2011/11/05 18:58:36] Gin Farnsdale: Valid only for 15 minutes... ;-(
[2011/11/05 18:58:41] Gin Farnsdale: ;-)
[2011/11/05 18:58:44] Marie Wonka (marie.resch): say what?
[2011/11/05 18:58:49] Marie Wonka (marie.resch): and why is that?
[2011/11/05 18:59:16] Gin Farnsdale: I send you an LM if you are curios to know for twhat I was thinking your meteors.
[2011/11/05 18:59:27] Gin Farnsdale: One of my places
[2011/11/05 18:59:29] Marie Wonka (marie.resch): ah. Well sorry I'm rather busy at the moment.
[2011/11/05 18:59:35] Gin Farnsdale: np
[2011/11/05 18:59:39] Marie Wonka (marie.resch): and that's not just an excuse
[2011/11/05 19:00:06] Gin Farnsdale: Have fun. Bye for now.
[2011/11/05 19:00:19] Marie Wonka (marie.resch): bye
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